No other berry crop is capable of yielding such a lavish harvest per unit area as blackberry for 2-3 years after planting. Some of its varieties give from one bush more than 10-12 kg of berries, while the bush itself, with its correct formation, occupies only 1.5-2.0 running meters of wallpaper.

Most of the cultivars of the blackberry gives berries whose taste does not yield to the nearest relatives - raspberries, and often surpass it. The unripe berry blackberry is sour, then it becomes sour-sweet, then sweet with a unique dessert flavor. Particularly pleasant flavors with different flavors are varieties of blackberries, which have a complex genetic origin and, in fact, are raspberry-hybrid hybrids. The mass of berries of most varieties of blackberries is 5-12 g, in some individuals it can reach 15-18 g, whereas, for example, common varieties of raspberries form berries weighing 4-8 g.